Avian architecture

It is spring and the wildlife have been astounding me. Around the back of Steve’s workshop is an old metal frame on which he stores some spare metal bits.

Avian architecture in a risky place

A couple of weeks ago we spied an empty nest built on one of the rusty steel rods threaded through the metal store.

Today we went back to have a look.

Avian architecture up closeThe Willy Wagtails have done an magical job building an almost spherical nest on only a small ‘branch’ of pipe.

The Willys were in situ when we walked around the back of the shed but flew up to a real branch when we got nearer. They watched us closely. We didn’t touch of course and only took photos.

However the black snake warming itself by the side of the shed has obviously had his eye on the nest and is probably waiting until these three eggs hatch for a tasty dinner, breakfast and lunch. I hope not. I hope the offspring of these Willys go on to form their own incredible avain architecture somewhere else on the property.