It was a dogs day and afternoon

Spur the dogSpur the dog wasn’t quite sure what was up when we put him on his chain in the yard this afternoon. What have I done? Look, I’m sorry about stealing the roast leftovers and I didn’t mean to fart in your face this morning but hey people, I’m a dog!

Nah. Besides the aforementioned natural doggy acts our lovely Black Barb Kelpie had done nothing wrong. It was just that our new guests had arrived. Ange, Darleen and their two gorgous Rotty crosses were in the driveway and ready to be directed to Tor Cottage.

We love dogs (well, most dogs) and we know that it is often hard to find a holiday place with a couple of thousand acres of forest for folk and their dogs to roam. So we welcome well behaved dogs who are happy to walk with their owner-friends while on leashes. Those big muscly male wallaroos are definitely a match for any canine and we wouldn’t want someone’s beloved pooch to end up in a boxing match they’ll never win. But if you want a natural holiday with your best four-legged friend then maybe Anketell Forest is the place for you.