Nature’s apartment blocks

Morning bird in mist

Natures' high-rise accommodation

Natures’ high-rise accommodation

Before Anketell Forest was called Anketell Forest it had a previous owner who had a disturbing habit. He liked to kill big healthy trees with poison and ringbarking. They all died a slow death, some clinging with only one live branch until that too died or fell.

You can see his handiwork dotted around the place. Majestic full bodied trees just skeletons now with axe marks near their base. But not all the dead trees on Anketell Forest have been his victims. Sometimes it is just the shallowness of the soil before the roots hit rock that causes the tree to slowly die, or maybe even just old age. Such as this one (pictured) along the fence track above Top Flat.

See his stumpy thick branch remnants? They are full of holes. These are habitat trees and they are vital structures in the forest. I call them nature’s apartment blocks.