Rainbow Delight

Rainbow over Anketell ForestSome folk think that the northern New England tablelands are hot in summer, hot like the outback, hot like the north coast, hot like Brisbane. Just hot.

But it’s not.

rainbow16-12-10-4s4wSure, it gets warm here in summer (thankfully) but rarely above 30 degrees. And if it is a hot day, there is always a cooling evening breeze just around the corner.

The other thing that summer is great for is thunderstorms and rainbows. Stunning rainbows are common and double rainbows are not uncommon. Twin rainbows look doubly amazing with their mirrored bands of colour caused by water droplets reflecting sunlight twice.rainbow16-12-10-3s4w

So don’t be put off visiting Anketell Forest in summer. You might be doubly surprised at how pleasant it is to be 1000m above the heat of the coast.